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What can you do with FreshDesk?
  • Follow the conversations!

    • Support requests by prioritizing, you can follow continuously classifying and assigning it.



  • Solve problems together!

    • Teams to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently you can run synchronously.



  • Cross-channel support!

    • From multiple channels, you can combine all communications on a single platform support and can manage.



  • Increase the productivity of your team!

    • To automate repetitive tasks can take advantage of the facilities available in the help desk Freshdesk site.



  • Help customers help themselves!

    • To automate repetitive tasks can take advantage of the facilities available in the help desk Freshdesk site.

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Your customer needs you!

Enjoy being an organization that your customers can access whenever they want.

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“When we saw Freshdesk, we were surprised and excited. The combination of social networks, e-mail, knowledge base, mobile and gamification allowed us to make our decision. ”

Charles cooper

Technology Support Services Director

Lesley University

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Best Customer Experince

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Don't let the time and energy you spend selling your product or service turn to you as a problematic after-sales process. While FreshDesk manages all the support requests of your customers, you just think about your new business.

Get rid of the confusion of e-mail, telephone, and dozens of independent support channels. FreshDesk removes all this confusion and lets you manage all channels from the same place.

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FreshDesk is a specialized solution from the FreshWorks product family as customer support software.

FreshWorks provides solutions in many issues that will make your life easier.

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