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Looking for Omnichannel, Bots, and Self-service solutions for customer service?  We've got you covered!

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The easiest way to manage team projects and tasks

From the small stuff to the big picture, Asana organizes work so teams know what to do, why it matters, and how to get it done.

Bring your team’s work together in one shared space. Choose the project view that suits your style, and collaborate no matter where you are.

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Surprise your customers everywhere

Freshchat helps you engage and delight your customers wherever they are - web, mobile and social messengers.

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Simple and Powerful IT Help Desk

Extend digital capabilities and deliver exceptional employee experiences with an intuitive, scalable, no code solution.

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The 360 ​​° CRM Solution For Your Sales Team


With Freshworks CRM, your team can now use AI-based lead scoring, phone, email, activity capture, and more.

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Strengthen your customer support and sales teams

Freshcaller is a cloud-based telephone system that works fully integrated with other Freshworks products. It offers unmatched convenience for your customer support and sales teams.

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Track Your IT Assets with Lakeside

Lakeside's Digital Experience Cloud helps you holistically monitor and proactively improve end user experience. Eliminate productivity roadblocks, intelligently transform IT, and build a better digital workplace.

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Automate Your Sales Process

Improve your document workflow to allow for increased productivity and to deliver an amazing experience for your customers.

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